Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Celebrate Differences

The universe stands on a balance. Everything has its direct opposite. Light has dark, warm has cold, up has down. Like a magnet they draw and repel each other and that difference keeps things moving beautifully. People are the same. Our emotions can be up one day and down the next. We can be sweet one minute and salty a moment later. In our lives we have people who are like us and some that are not, and this is the subject of today’s card, Celebrate Differences. Even within a family, no two people are exactly alike. This is a beautiful thing because it makes everyone unique even though we all come from the same creative source. Take some time today to appreciate the ways that we and those around us are different. From the little annoying things like tapping a pen on the table when you think to bigger things like cultural or spiritual choices. It is our differences that make us strong, and by celebrating them we learn compassion, understanding and tolerance. These are some pretty awesome lessons. Have a great day.

Today’s Universal Number

What a perfect card for today! We have a six day and the energy is focusing on relationships. The six energy is very loving caring and protecting. Be kind today, smile at a stranger and say hello. It might make a huge difference in someones day.

Today’s Crystals 

Rose Quartz had to be today’s choice, right! when we are talking about being compassionate, kind and accepting of others, what other choice could there be but a crystal that is all about love.

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