Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


You Are Worth It ~ Higher Ground

There are times in life when it is better to walk away from a situation or a person so you can think than stay, argue and not be who you are or want to become. This is the message of today’s draw. We had two cards chose us, You Are Worth It and Higher Ground. Their message for us is that we may need some distance today from people or situations that could be unhealthy for us. When we put space between us and the problem we can gain a better, higher understanding of the issues, how they relate to us, our future and what steps are necessary to correct the problem. Sometimes time away can clear the air so we can repair what was not working. Then there are times when it is better for us to let go. There is no question that it isn’t easy to leave people or a life that meant everything to us, but to live a life that doesn’t allow us to be our genuine selves or grow is also not good for us either. Lets give ourselves the time and the space to think, we are all worth it!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a seven day and the energy is focusing on finding the wisdom and knowledge we need. A perfect energy to accompany today’s cards!

Today’s Crystals

To find clarity and truth we look to two different crystals today. Clear Flourite gives us the energy of clarity, order and helps us clear what needs to go. I also chose Lapis Lazuli for its ability to helps us find truth.

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