Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Heighten Your Vitality

We all know that feeling of having a long list of things to do but not the energy to do them. Well today may be one of those days, but don’t go back to bed. Our card Heighten Your Vitality is here to give us a little boost. Her message is that we all have energy reserves to draw on, we just have to tap into them. There are other ways to get a little infusion of energy. We can go outside for a walk and let nature restore us. As we walk imagine the sunshine filling us with his power. Chi Gong is a wonderful way to get energized. The movements are gentle, they can be done anywhere and it really gets the Chi moving. Once our energy is back up we can can focus on creating our day and our future. Have a great one!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy might come in handy for us. We have a Master Number day of 22/4. The Master Builder is here to help build a solid foundation upon which we can construct our dreams. The energy is creative, intuitive and a bit idealistic. All characteristic we can up to use today.

Today’s Crystals

Clear Quartz had to be the choice of the day. Quartz is a both a receiver and a transmitter of energy making it a power crystal and certainly useful for us.

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