Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Gratitude & Appreciation

I thought this was an interesting card for today. There is a lot of negativity going on in the world, but the card that chose us asks us to find the good. Gratitude & Appreciation came to tell us that no matter what is going on there is always something to be grateful for. We have this beautiful world, family and friends. In spite of how little we may think we have, there are people with much less. Look around today and notice all the reasons to be thankful. If someone does something kind for you, let them know you appreciate it. Do some thing kind to help a stranger and be the reason for their gratitude and let the people in our lives know how much we appreciate them. Let’s send out a tidal wave of Gratitude & Appreciation to the world today. All that positive energy might start a trend!

Today’s Universal Number

Buckle up everyone this could be an interesting day. Be ready for anything because plans could change on a moments notice. It’s a five day and this energy is a call to be flexible and desire to have some fun. So enjoy the ride today!

Today’s Crystals 

I chose Sodalite and Iolite today. Indigo is the color for gratitude today. Both of these crystals help us see the good in people, the world and help us to be appreciative.

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