Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Celebrate Differences

We have had a card come back for us to consider. It’s been about two weeks since Celebrate Differences was here to tell us that those things that are dissimilar about us should be accepted, not reviled. The world is a scary place right now but when we live from a place of love and celebrate what is different between us, good things can happen. Let’s all be the change we want to see in the world today!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a high energy day with the master number 11/2. Our intuition and diplomatic skills will be strong today, giving us the ability to bring peace and balance back to situations that have the potential to be blown out of proportion.

Today’s Crystals

To help us see that differences are not something to be fought against, I chose Malachite and Sodalite. Malachite is a heart Chakra stone that encourages friendships. It is also a good choice for personal protection. Sodalite is a stone of intellect and will help us see the good in people rather than the bad.

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