Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Shift Your Energy

I thought it was interesting that this card would choose us on a New Moon. Shift Your Energy came to tell us that the winds of change are blowing our way and we need to get ready. To do this we need to clearly understand what it is that we no longer want or need and be willing to let it go. Whether it is any of the many things that we accumulate over time but never use or habits we want to stop. Releasing what is no longer needed will give us the space in our lives for what we want to draw to us during the waxing phase of the moon. Spend some time today evaluating what is working and what is not and decide what changes could be made to enhance your life on this day of the New Moon and New Beginnings.

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy today is a three and it is a day to take action. Be creative in how we approach issues that come up today. Smile, be friendly and don’t be afraid to socialize a bit.

Today’s Crystals

I had a little bit of a problem deciding which way to go with the crystal choice today. The obvious choices seemed to be Labradorite, Mooonstone or Moldavite, but we don’t necessarily want to bring change. We already know that the winds of change are coming so I decided to go with crystals that will help us stay grounded and make good choices d. I chose Bloodstone and Tree Agate. Bloodstone is a good protection stone and helps us stay calm, think clearly and make good decisions. Tree Agate helps us the ability to examine our lives and what we see as limitation. when we can see and understand them we can make necessary adjustments. Agates as a whole are good for grounding and will keep us stable and secure through periods of transition.

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