Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Bountiful Harvest

We all want abundance in our lives, to know that we have enough of the things we need to live a comfortable and happy life. The card Bountiful Harvest chose us today to let us know that anything we need is available to us, we simply have to ask. There are always people ready and willing to help us. Whether its guidance for a project we’re working on or help building a shed in the back yard. The universe is more than willing to supply what we need when we need it. Ask, believe and let abundance flow into our lives today.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is a four. I like a four day. It’s energy is not complicated, it’s always reliable, organized and ready to get down to business.

Today’s Crystals

When talking about abundance in any for my favorite go-to crystal is Aventurine. This piece of loveliness will draw opportunity to you. It won’t bring the object of your desire, but it will bring to you those things you need to make it happen. Whether it is supplies or people, it doesn’t matter. It is up to us to recognize the synchronicity, grab it and run with it.

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