Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Seek Beauty

The world is full of magnificent things in nature, art and music. To appreciate their beauty requires and open heart. Beauty is something that can only be seen with an open heart. It is love that gives us the eyes to see the beauty of sunlight casting shadows on a snow drift or a flower growing in the crack of a sidewalk. Our card, Seek Beauty, asks us to notice the beauty in the moments and people we often overlook. but also within ourselves. Everyone and everything has something beautiful to offer if we only slow down a little and see beyond the surface. Take time to enjoy life today. See the world from a different perspective, and create memories our hearts won’t soon forget.

Today’s universal Number

We begin February with a five day and we might want to do something different today just because. Five likes change, variety. Give yourself some extra time and find a new route to work through neighborhoods you’ve never seen. You might end up finding a faster way! Stay focused and get the work done, then have some fun tonight.

Today’s Crystals

The perfect choice for today is Rose Quartz. When dealing with the heart and love for ourselves and others, a crystal that radiates love is what we want. Keep a piece in the areas of your home where people gather and you will enjoy calm happy times. Put a piece on your desk at work for a good working atmosphere.

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