Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Make a Wish

Do you remember seeing fluffy dandelions in the yard when you were a child? They were so fun. It was almost automatic that you pick one, make a wish then blow on it and watch the little seeds float off into the sky. You just knew that whatever you wished for was going to come true. Our card, Make a Wish, came to let us know that today anything is possible. If you had one wish for your life, what would it be? It is important to be clear about your wish. Set the intention and release it to the universe. Keep that intention close to your heart and believe that your wish will be given to you when the time is right.

Today’s Universal Number

The energy we have today is a seven and we may be feeling thoughtful. If possible spend some time alone to think and meditate. Seven is an energy that seeks to understand, to discover personal and universal truths. It is also a number that desires a spiritual insight.

Today’s Crystals 

I chose the Herkimer Diamond to accompany today’s card. This may seem unusual because the obvious choice may seem to have been Aventurine for its quality of bringing opportunity to you. The Herkimer Diamond is my choice for its level of energy. Being the highest level of the Quartz family and double terminated, it can receive and transmit energy. This makes it a crystal that can very powerfully send out our intentions to the universe and assist us to manifest what we need or want.

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