Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



Stalling is a trait that starts very young. We don’t want to do something so we find excuses to put it off. Our alarm clock goes off in the morning and we hit snooze, we’re not wild about the idea of going to an event so gosh I forgot to get a sitter. Resistance is a part of who we are, it’s a signal that something needs attention and the reason our card, Pause chose us today. Her message is that if we find ourselves in this situation as we go through our day, take a moment to ask what is going on and why we are fighting the change. It could be that something better is on its way and we have to let go of what is no longer for our highest good. Maybe someone is taking over a project we have been working on and we find it hard to let go.  Letting go might bring a better challenge with a bigger reward. Resistance can cause us to miss out on blessings. Take some time to ask questions and adjust then ease into the flow. Be willing to try something new. It could bring an opportunity we never thought could happen.

Today’s Universal Number

We have an eight day and it’s energy will help us adjust to change today. The eight is a strong number and likes things to make sense. So is we find ourselves in a confusing and resistant place today allow this energy to help us figure it all out.

Today’s Crystals

The two crystals I chose today may seem a bit strange but bear with me. My first choice is Sodalite. This crystal is a wonderful choice for improving psychic ability and it opens up creativity and it also a crystal that fine tunes our ability to think logically and communicate more clearly. My second choice is Aquamarine and she helps us detach from fear, anger and emotional connections we no longer need to hang onto. Either crystal would be a good pick for overcoming resistance.

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