Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



Everyone has the occasional day that is just too much and all we want to do is find a nice quiet place and chill. Today might be the day as the card that chose us is Vulnerability. Our lives are filled with responsibilities to family, friends and our jobs. On top of that the daily news is nothing but worrisome. With precious little time to ourselves our emotions can get pretty raw. Rather than blowing up at someone who may not know what is going on, take a few minutes to get away and breathe. Have lunch someplace quiet and beautiful. Enjoy the fresh air and listen to the bird in the trees. Know that it is alright to take whatever time is necessary to find our groove again. Trust that everything will work itself out. The sun always follows after the rain, spring comes after winter, so to will peace and balance find us again. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number

I just love the synchronicity between numerology and the tarot. The two are bound together, but I really enjoy it when the universal energy works well with the card of the day. We have the Master Number 11/2 to help us today. I have mentioned that this number is the second gate to higher consciousness. It is an interesting number because it is both masculine and feminine. The one is a strong goal oriented number and the two is feminine and seeks peace. Combined they lead us to be more than we think we can and to find balance. So, take the time today to be alone if you need it to relax and regroup.

Today’s Crystals

Today’s crystal choice is Clear Quartz. This crystal is a transmitter and a receiver of energy making it an excellent choice for healing. Quartz clears negative energy and brings in light. It’s just what we may need today.

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