Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Renewal Of Peace

Our lives are demanding, there is no getting around that. The more technology speeds up the faster everything needs to be done. This pace often causes us to rush from here to there, miss family events and the highlight is mountains of stress that doesn’t do anything good for our health. Today may be one of these frustratingly stressful days and the card that chose us, Renewal of Peace, came to remind us that self love and self care is important. No matter how busy we are or how many things are on our lists to get accomplished, self care should be at the top of that list. Sure we would like to believe we are unbeatable, but we’re not. If we don’t make ourselves a priority and find a balance between all the different aspects of our lives, everything suffers. Make time today to do something loving and kind for ourselves that will help us relax and unwind. Go for a nice walk, meditate, find a beautiful spot and watch the sun go down. Taking the time to make ourselves a priority helps us find balance and peace in our lives. With that everything seems to work better. have a great day.

  Today’s Universal Number

Today is a four day and the energy is driving us to be practical and efficient. Four is the number that creates the foundation we build upon. It’s very orderly and structured and this is a wonderful energy. Let’s not forget to add ourselves to today’s list.

Today’s Crystals

The crystals I chose to accompany today’s card are Amethyst and Rose Quartz. The energy of these crystals are wonderful for self love and self care. Being members of the quartz family they will help remove negative energy which will sooth our frazzled nerves. Amethyst has a nice calming effect that I love. Rose Quartz will help us focus on loving ourselves enough to be good to ourselves.

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