Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



When a card comes to us repeatedly it’s asking us to pay attention, there is a message we are not hearing. Today’s card, Pause, was here on the fourth and has come back today. This card is an indication that we are missing something. Are we missing out on a blessing because we are hanging onto an idea of how things need to happen? Are we not letting go of a thought or belief that is holding us back? Are we being taken advantage of somehow? Take some time today to discover the truth of what is going on so that we can deal with it appropriately. If we are resisting a change that promises to be good, then perhaps it’s not what we truly want. The truth of the matter may also be that we are fearing change. Yes it’s hard, messy and full of emotion we must deal with. Staying where we are is comfortable and easy, sure, but we deserve more than that.

Today’s Universal Number

We have arrived at another nine day and we are focused on cleaning up details. Nine is a number that kind of likes to be in control. She doesn’t always like change and thinks she has a better idea than everyone else. This is an attitude based in love and wanting the best for everyone. Let’s use the energy of the day to find what is best for us.

Today’s Crystals

The two crystals I chose today are Lapis Lazuli and Iolite. Lapis lazuli helps us find our truth and release old thought patterns. Iolite is another one that works deep within us to find what is not working for us and helps us let go.

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