Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



Sometimes, whether we want to or not, we have to be the person that steps up and gets things done. The card that chose us today is, Empowerment and it’s message is that today we may be that person. We have the courage, self confidence and compassion for others and what better way to use these gifts is there than getting involved. The opportunity to be helpful is all around us in our neighborhood and communities. So let’s be aware of what is going on today, tune into the signs and signals. Once we see a chance to be of help, smile, step in and lend a hand. Taking action can be as easy as opening a door for someone with arms full of packages or holding the elevator for someone who would otherwise miss it and have to wait, give our seat on the bus to someone else. We could even offer help and mentor a struggling coworker. The appreciation and thanks we get in return make it well worth it.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a three day and we are feeling creative and may want to put ourselves out there and bring some joy to those around us. So let’s do!

Today’s Crystals

For self confidence, courage and the feeling of empowerment in our lives, Carnelian is my favorite choice. This crystal works well with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras which is where the feeling s of self worth and confidence are found. Carnelian also helps us focus and think creatively. It’s also a great thing to have with us when interviewing for a job to help us stay on point.

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