Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Make A Decision

Life is full of choices, that is no big news to anyone. What we make of our lives with our decisions is up to us. We are the only ones responsible for where we are going and how we are going to get there. Make A Decision is the card that came up for us, and it’s message is that it’s time to act and there may be a choice to make today. Don’t worry about the possibility of failure, sometimes that happens, life is like that. Failure is a matter of perspective, we can let it stop us permanently or recognize that it teaches us what didn’t work so we can keep going. Take some time to consider all the options today and pick the one that feels like the next best step.

Today’s Universal Number

I know I have said it before but I love the synchronicity of the Universal Number and the cards that choose us each day. There really is nothing that is accidental. Today we have the Master Number 22/4. This number takes the structure and organization of the four and expands it to build a solid foundation upon which we can grow. Perfect!

Today’s Crystals

when having to make a decision there is generally some amount of stress and confusion involved. To help alleviate this I chose Amethyst and Flourite. Both work well with the third eye chakra and will help us smooth out our emotions and get some clarity.

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