Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



Good Morning. The card that came for us today is Intuition. When this card makes itself known it is clearly time to pay attention, and today something may happen that will require us to trust our gut and follow through. We get so busy living our lives that we do not pay attention to the signs around us. It could be a billboard we see walking into town and just ignore it or perhaps see a stranger and they say something that sparks our heart to take a jump or a song we here several times in one day. These are signs that our intuition is trying to get our attention. This is a perfect day to watch and listen for the signs. Trust yourself, the answers we seek are there. Be safe and I will see you here next week! 

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is a six and this is about caring, relationships, loyalty and loveSo let’s use this energy to listen to our intuition as it draws us through our interactions with others today.  

Thank you Terry for today’s guest draw!
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