Time Warp!

by elementhealing

I had the most bizarre thing happen to me yesterday. I was here in my office doing my normal morning things, drinking a cup of coffee and watching the sun come up. I got the draw done, checked my email, took a call. I happened to look at the clock on my computer and it said 11:36. I’m thinking, wow already! My son works here in town and comes home for lunch at 12:00. So, I go to the kitchen to make him a salad. I got lunch on the table, and my son didn’t come home? I checked the clock in the kitchen and it said, 12:20. He only has a half hour lunch so at this point i didn’t expect him. My brother came home a few minutes later (I love a multi generational home) and I told him that my son must have had to work through lunch. My brother looked at his watch and said “No he didn’t, it’s only 11:36” :0

Now I have had a really loose connection to time all my life but the clock on my computer clearly said 11:36 and the clock in the kitchen was 12:20 when I check it after my son was late coming home for lunch. As I thought about this event during the afternoon and evening. I occurred to me that the floors weren’t creaking. I live in a very old home. One of the first built after this community was founded. You can’t walk anywhere in this house without the floors announcing your movement.

I’ve never crossed into parallel time lines before, that is my brothers thing, but I think that is what happened. The numbers are clearly a message. I just have to figure it out. I think I need to have a conversation with my guides.

Blessed Be, ❤ Sharon