Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Be Spontaneous

How often do we get lost in the lists and demands that modern life heaps upon us. A lot, right! Some days while at work or stuck in traffic, we dream about where we would rather be right now. Maybe at the beach, a concert, hiking, or hanging out with family and friends watching a movie. Today’s card is a little push, or a big one if you need it, to reconnect to fun. Just because we are grown ups doesn’t mean we don’t need to play and have fun. So do it! Forget the normal Thursday routine, break out and start a new one. How about surprising your coworkers by ordering in coffee and sweet rolls for everyone. Getting down on the floor and playing cars with your kids. Maybe call some friends over and get out the board games, or go to McDonald’s and buy a few meals to go and give them to the homeless. Sure we have responsibilities but let’s try on just a little bit of spontaneous today and see how it feels.

Today’s Universal Number

Wow, we have come to a nine day again. Time does fly. The nine energy is the number of completion, so if there is anything we have left undone we may want to take care of that today. Nine is also a number that seeks acceptance, compassion and tolerance for the world. So let’s keep this in mind as we stretch out wings of spontaneity.

Today’s Crystals

i chose Labradorite for today and it may seem Like an odd pick, but it’s not. Labradorite give our intuitive and psychic abilities a boost. It is a crystal that will help transform your life. If you have an overactive or scattered mind (my hand is raised) this crystal will help calm that which allows new ideas and more spontaneity into your life.

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