Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



Stress and responsibility is an unavoidable part of life. Over time they weigh on us and we get tired, more stressed and just overwhelmed. Sure we don’t mind the responsibilities of life, most days, because we are working to build a life for ourselves and our families but, we need some rest and relaxation too, and this is the message of the card, Vulnerable. Take some much needed “Me” time today and indulge in some self love and self care. Relaxation is the word of the day so put all thoughts of chores and errands out of our heads and focus on restoring peace and balance to ourselves in whatever way works best. Meditate, take a nap if you feel like it, let your inner child out to play and follow his/her lead. Curl up with a good book or snuggle on the sofa and watch B movies. Have a great day, enjoy!

Today’s Universal Number

We have the last Master Number of the month today and it is 11/2. The energy of this number is both masculine and feminine so it seeks balance and peace while at the same time it encourages forward movement. Let’s use this energy to find our balance today and take a look at where our next step is taking us.

Today’s Crystals

When we are wanting self care and self love Rose Quartz is quite possibly the best choice. the energy of this crystal is all about love, care and compassion. Another excellent choice is Clear Quartz. This crystal will help us get rid of any negative energy we are holding onto.

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