Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Heighten your Vitality

We all have reserves of energy that we can draw on, our second wind, to see us through to the end of a project, a sporting event and sometimes to the end of what feels like and endless workday. The card that chose us today is Heighten Your Vitality and she is here to let us know that this might be one of those days where we feel like our personal power or energy is low, but there are things we can do to deal with it. If we feel like we have no reserves left to draw on and a cup of coffee or tea isn’t cutting it. Head outside, the sun is a great source of energy. Even a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air will do wonders to restore us. Spend some time doing something we enjoy with people we enjoy. Smile, laugh, turn on the radio and dance. Sharing good company and a good time will do us wonders today!

Today’s Universal Number

We are ending this month with a five day so we are going to want to keep our options open. Have a plan B just in case and be prepared for anything. Don’t insist on having everything your way. Be willing to hear the ideas and viewpoints of other people. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Today’s Crystals

For raising our personal power or energy levels two possible crystal choices are Tigers Eye and Ruby in Fuchsite. Tigers Eye is a good choice for personal protection. It helps people gain will power and self confidence and is a great choice for people who lead others. Ruby in Fuchsite is a wonderful energy combination of two crystals that compliment each other wonderfully. Among other things this crystal works to open blocked energy and is a nice choice if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.  

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