Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Perfect Setting

The hard truth is, that if we don’t actively seek the life we want. We have no choice but to continue living in the one we don’t. In order to bring the reality we want for ourselves and our families to us we must make sure that our head and our heart are aligned to that goal. This is the message of our card for the day, Perfect Setting. She came to tell us that if we have a vision for our lives, we must give that vision, that seed, every chance possible to grow and become the reality we want. We can do that by staying positively focused. Use affirmations that keep us motivated if they help. Surround ourselves with people who support us in pursuit our dream. We must also be willing to do the work. Life does not often drop everything we want into our lap. It does happen, but for the vast majority of us we have to work for the opportunities we want and when they show up we have to grab on and not let go. We must work and believe, even if we are the only ones that do. So let’s examine our motivations today. What are our goals? Are we fully committed to making them a reality? If we aren’t we need ask why. Is this something we still want? Have our life plans or goals changed? If so, what do we need to do in order to be fully in line for our dreams to become reality? Have a great day everyone!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a seven day and this energy is focused within. The seven wants insight and knowledge. Today would be a great day to spend some time alone in meditation.

Today’s Crystals

I took a little different angel on the crystals for today. I chose Rose Quartz to help us love ourselves and our future enough to stay committed to our goals and Aventurine to help bring the opportunities we need to us.

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