Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Potential Gateway

As we travel our path through life we encounter experiences that help us change and grow into new and better versions of ourselves. Today’s card, Potential Gateway, is here to let us know that a new opportunity may be coming our way. In order to be ready for it we need to focus ourselves on finishing up anything we have left undone so we are ready for what comes next. As we work through these tasks it is perfectly alright to feel proud of the efforts we are putting in to move our lives closer to where we want to be. Give it 100%, do something everyday that brings you closer to your individual goal. Watch for this new opportunity and remember that the effort we put in is returned in kind. So let’s give it everything we got!

Today’s Universal Number 

Our universal energy today is three and all her joyous, creative energy will come in handy for us as we work to tidy up loose ends and finish projects today.

Today’s Crystals

I chose two old favorites today. Aventurine to bring to us new opportunities and Citrine to open up our creativity and bring us success.

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