Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Everybody knows and understands the feeling of being in a rut, the weight of the daily routine becomes too routine and there is this little itch to break out and do something different. Well, we’re in luck, the card Adventure came up, and today is that day. Let’s shake up our routine today by doing something a little out of our comfort zone. Drive to and from work by a different route, have lunch outside in the sunshine, take a walk or a bike ride. Call some friends and plan a fun get together after work to go bowling or to a museum. Whatever inspires you, just have fun. It will get our creative juices flowing, give us a fresh outlook and make us feel better.

Today’s Universal Number   

Another perfect match up of card and universal energy. Today we have a five energy and we know that it means anything can happen so we need to be ready to be flexible. Five loves freedom and fun, so let’s have some today!!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Malachite and Sunstone for today. They may seem a bit out of the ordinary but that fits well into a five day. Malachite is a great choice to wear or carry when one needs protection. It’s also wonderful for helping feel connected to Mother Earth. But today we use this beautiful stone for its ability to overcome any blocks to living life more boldly. Sunstone is the other choice for today and this sparkly lady works with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to open us creative ideas for fun.

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