Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

The Big Picture

It isn’t always easy to relax and let go of control when we are the person responsible for a task or a project, but this is the message of the card that came up for us today, The Big Picture. We may find ourselves trying to micromanage a situation or project because we feel responsible for its outcome but getting lost in the details of this issue might not be helpful for us today. There may be much more going on than we understand and if we are overly focused on the small details we aren’t working with all the information we need to make necessary decisions. A better plan is to take a step back and look at the issue from a different perspective. Talk to any other people involved and get their input. Understand that although we may be the person responsible for the task, we don’t have to do everything ourselves. There is always someone willing to help, we just have to be willing to let them. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number

We are working our way toward the end of another cycle and have landed on a six day today. Six is very much a relationship number. It focuses on nurturing those around us and creating a harmonious environment for everyone. What an excellent energy to have at our disposal today!

Today’s Crystals

for the wisdom to see and understand the big picture of what is going on around us today I chose Lapis Lazuli and Iolite. Both crystals work well with the third eye and crown chakras. By opening up our ability to see the truth of a situation we can be more prepared to manage it.

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