Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Maintain Your Childlike Spirit

Today’s card is one of my favorite in this deck because it reminds us that no matter how adultified we are we need to embrace the open mind, absolute faith and the fearlessness that children have. To a child the world is a magikal place where anything is possible and everything is an adventure. Relax, open up and reconnect with this childlike freedom today. Let’s free our inner child and have some fun. Whatever we are doing today, let’s be fearless and absolutely trust that everything will be perfect. By seeing life through the eyes of a child again we may find a whole new outlook on the possibilities it holds.

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have reached the path that leads us to higher consciousness. Seven is a number that seeks wisdom, understanding and a spiritual connection to life. It is a wonderful energy to bring along with us today to help regain a childlike connection to life.

Today’s Crystals 

I made the most obvious choice for crystals today and picked Citrine and Clear Quartz. Citrine is joy packed into a beautiful sunny yellow package, and if we want to revisit the mind of a child we need to get rid of negative energy and clear quarts is perfect for that task.

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