Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Amplify Your Positive Emotions

It’s not always easy to stay positive is it? Life can be a bit much some days with worry over our jobs, finances, and family matters. Worry doesn’t get us anything but more to worry about. That is the way energy works and the it is also the message of today’s card, Amplify Your Positive Emotion. We all know that energy follows focus. Our thoughts become our words which become our action. Whether the thought is positive or negative doesn’t matter. Energy will follow our focused thought. We may have something going on in our lives today that will require a positive outlook. Perhaps we have a loved one with a health issue that we are concerned about or maybe our day just started off bad and we want it to get better. We can begin to change negative emotion into positive emotion by smiling. Look for reasons to be happy and grateful, they are as close as the people we love. Once the positivity begins to flow let it spread to everyone around us and on out into the community.

Today’s Universal Number

Wow time how time does fly, we have an eight day today and it’s a day filled with powerful energy that may urge us to get some things organized. We may find ourselves needing to step in and make some decisions, but that’s alright. We are more than capable!

Today’s Crystals 

The Quartz family is an excellent choice when we want to stay positive. With that train of thought I chose Citrine for its lovely sunny happy color and ability to bring joy to us. I also chose Clear Quartz for its ability to magnify energy and help to clear negative energy. Terrific choices for today!

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