Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Good Morning Everyone. The card that came for us today is Triumph. She is coming to tell us we are being pushed into our future. It could be anything we desire, a new job, to travel or even a new idea that seems promising, but do remember to plan carefully. Then, if we are crystal clear about what we want and how we are going to do it. Be focused and determined to do the work necessary to get there. Remember life sometimes has a way of pulling us off track, so let’s try not to fall back into old patterns or to lose sight of our dreams. Keep our eyes on the prize, dig in our heels and go for it. It will be so worth it in the end. Have a great week and be safe. 

Today’s Universal Number

The energy number for today is nine. With the energy of this nine day we can complete any goal we have set for ourselves. Victory is ours!

Thank you Terry for today’s guest reading!
Her blog can be found at momterry
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