Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Grandfather Sky

The amazing thing about life is that everyday is a new beginning, an opportunity to try again. With today’s card, Grandfather Sky, we are being encouraged to reach for the stars. Anything is possible today. The only limitations are the ones that we place on ourselves. This card is an indication that we are entering a new phase of our lives so go ahead and dream big today. But, don’t just dream. Let our dreams become our words, and our words become action, so that our dreams become our new reality. It will take some time, of course, but there is plenty of that and anything can happen!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Master Number today and it is 22/4. As you know the master numbers are high energy days and today is no different. The number 22/4 has a feminine energy and holds all the characteristics of the two and the four. Today is a day for building, laying the foundation. Being a four month the energy of this day is even stronger. So let’s get busy and use it well.

Today’s Crystals 

I think that the crystals I chose today are new to the draw. I generally pick my favorites, and why not, but every now and then we need a little something new so I chose Ametrine and Peach Quartz. Ametrine is a gorgeous crystal that is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It’s a high energy crystal that helps one let go of fear and manifest your dreams. Peach Quartz is also a beautiful crystal. Being a member of the quartz family it holds all of the qualities of quartz. In addition to those qualities peach quartz helps us connect to our divine guidance and understand what is for our highest good. It helps us commit to our dreams and then make it a reality.

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