Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Not everyone likes being the one in charge but they will step up if necessary, some people seem to be made for it and easily maneuver through the responsibilities, while others want to be and just aren’t wired for it. Leadership takes confidence, it takes the wisdom to make hard decisions and it takes owning your power, being able to speak your truth even if it’s hard or scary. Our card is telling us we might need to step up and take charge of an issue today. It might be a little intimidating, but go ahead and stand. If there is anyone we need to stand up to today is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. So go ahead knowing that by stepping up we are making our lives and the lives of others better. That makes all the difference doesn’t it? Have a great day.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s universal energy is a five and we need to be open to possibility and flexible enough to act if we need to. Today’s five is created be combining the number two and three. The number two is intuitive and seek harmony while the three is quite social, joyous and creative. These are excellent qualities to have at hand if we need them today!

Today’s Crystal

There is a wide variety of crystal to choose from for any need. For today I chose Hematite. This is a good stone to use for protection and grounding. It also pulls negativity away and give our self confidence a boost. Hematite calms our mind down, allowing us to think clearly.

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