Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Spirit Keeper of the East

I love that everyday is a do-over, a chance to take another turn, to try a different way or to just keep traveling forward. It’s also interesting that we’ve had so many cards come up with a version of today’s message. Spirit Keeper of the East came to tell us that today is a do-over. Was there something we didn’t quite get right yesterday? Did we have more on our lists than we accomplished? Did the diet plan fail? Well that’s alright, don’t beat yourself up over it darlings. Anything we consider a failure on our part is a lesson in how now to do that again. So keep going, keep trying and it will work out, whatever it is for you right now. History doesn’t have to repeat itself. Remember that no matter how far behind the lead we thing we are, the universe has this amazing ability to catch us up. We just have to be willing to do the work, everyday. To process our emotions, to get rid of the negativity in and around us and to release what is not working for our highest good. This is a year of new beginnings. That’s 365 do-overs to get the foundation of our dreams solid and growing. If the foundation is already solid you, awesome! If not, we still have 283 left and that’s plenty to work with. Have a terrific do-over today!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a do-over x2. We have a one energy to spur us along today. So be bold, dress the part, show up and blaze some trails!

Today’s Crystals

I had three crystals in mind for today but decided on Moonstone as the choice for the day. The others were Labradorite and Mookaite. I chose moonstone because it’s powerful yet gentle. Moonstone helps us reorganize our lives so we can move forward on our path. It removes negativity from our chakras and this will help us stay positive and focused on our path.

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