Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Warrior of the Heart

Life is filled with choices, there are times when we need to step up, sometimes we need to step back and then there are times when it’s better to walk away. The ultimate choice is whether to take a risk and fight. Warrior of the Heart came to tell us that today may be a day to fight. We’re not talking a physical brawl. We are talking about taking a risk and fighting for something important, like a dream, a social or environmental issue. Taking a risk is scary, it makes us uncomfortable because we don’t know what might happen. Being brave and courageous doesn’t meant we aren’t scared. It means we acknowledge that feeling and take the risk anyway because the idea of what might have been if we didn’t is too painful. Today we might need to face that fear and go beyond it. Take a risk and follow our heart beyond what we see as our limitations and abilities. Check out the view, then keep going and keep fighting.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Master Number day and we have 11/2. This is an interesting number because it combines the energy of the one and the two. It is both bold and intuitive, strong and soft. Eleven as you know is the gateway to higher consciousness. As with everything on this side of the veil. Passing through the gate is a choice, a risk. Use the energy of today’s master number; be strong, courageous and fight if you need to.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Chrysoprase for today. This is an apple green crystal that works with our emotions to get rid of any ideas of inferiority, giving us the courage and strength to be a warrior!

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