Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Vision Quest

I always enjoy today’s card. I think because it is a card that seeks truth. Vision Quest asks us to take time away from our day and consider life’s questions. We may have the big ones like, who am I and what is my purpose here, figured out but we all have things on our minds and inner truth to discover. The answers will come but in order to find them we must spend some time away from the noise of life. If possible today get outside and spend some time in nature. Leave the cell phone behind and immerse yourself in the peace, open our hearts and listen. The answers to our questions are always given and will find us. Be aware and watch for the signs. They can find us in very interesting ways, a license plate, a portion of a conversation we hear while waiting in line, or a magazine ad. Enjoy your vision quest, may your answers give you peace and hope.

Today’s Universal Number  

Our universal number today is four and it is going to be a good day for getting things done. Four is practical, organized and dependable. This is an excellent energy for today. It will help us find whatever truth we need to take our next step.

Today’s Crystals

I chose two crystals for today to help us discover our truth during our vision quest. The first is Lapis Lazuli. This is a crystal that helps us find truth and also ease frustrations that can cause anger. Rutilated Quartz is the other crystal I chose. Rutilated Quartz is a very pretty crystal that helps us find the cause behind problems. It also helps us energetically get things moving.

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