Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Warrior of the Heart

It’s always interesting when a card comes back around. For me, I liken it to my guides saying “Hey Sharon, did ya get that? Here is the message again just in case you missed it.” Warrior of the Heart has returned today, just in case. Our cards message is that this isn’t time to step back, settle or walk away. This is the time to step up and follow our heart. To take a chance. Of course there is a risk. We will certainly be scared and there are plenty of people asking what if we fail. Setbacks only become failures if we quit on ourselves. Speak your truth and follow your heart today. Yes it’s a risk, but it’s one worth taking.

Today’s Universal Number 

Another cycle is nearly finished, we are on an eight day, we’re feeling strong, confident and it’s time to get organized.

Today’s Crystals  

I chose two old favorites today. Rose Quartz to strengthen our self love and give us the courage to follow our hearts lead and Citrine to give us the confidence to go for it.

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