Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Circle of Life

This is an interesting card. Most western cultures see life as something that is linear where we progress from one stage to another in a series of predictable steps. Indigenous cultures see life as a circle with a beginning that bring us around to our end. Along the journey of that circle are all the moments of our lives. The happy, the sad and even the ordinary noting new moments. We can’t value or fear one more than the other because a beginning cannot be without leaving something behind and endings will never open to anything new without that moment of beginning. When this card chooses us it brings a message that we are at a transition point between a beginning and an end. Our dreams are becoming a reality, abundance is flowing to us and things are about to change. Take a look at where we are today and honor this moment in our journey along our Circle Of Life. Every experience has it’s purpose and moves us closer to another ending and beginning.

Today’s Universal Number

How appropriate that today is a nine day. Circle of life is here to tell us that we are in a transition period and we have a day that is and ending point and we are wrapping things up. Let’s check out details and make sure we have all things ready. Are we spiritually, emotionally and physically ready to take our next step. If we have work to do, let’s get to it today.

Today’s Crystals

The first crystal to come to mind today when thinking about transitions and change was Labradorite. As you know this is my favorite, favorite crystal. If I am not wearing it, I am carrying a piece and sometimes I’m doing both. The energy of labradorite for me is like standing in the waves on the edge of the ocean. They come up, hit you then wash over just as the next wave is hitting. This is a crystal that is about transition and helps us work through them. It’s also a great choice for working with guides strengthening our psychic abilities.

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