Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Grandmother Earth

For most of us our Grandparents made us feel safe, protected and most certainly loved. Grandparents also encourage us to follow our dreams but not to take unnecessary risks. My Grandparents were great for saying “Try but don’t fall down and break your arm.” Grandmother Earth is here today with a similar message. Today is a day to be cautious and plan well. She asks us to make our plans for the future but not to act until we are certain that we are ready to move forward. Don’t get lost in the idea that getting to a goal will be easy. Stay grounded and clear-headed so that if a correction is needed we can easily make it.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is perfect. We have a seven day today and the energy is a desire for wisdom and knowledge. With this energy we can do any research to find all the information we need to ensure a good result when we are ready to act.

Today’s Crystals

For grounding there are several good choices and I had to mull it over for a while. Obsidian is the first that popped into my head. It’s also good for protection and I am using mine to grid my home. Smokey Quartz is another excellent choice for grounding but my final choice’s were Unakite and Hematite. Unakite is a lovely combination of Epidote and Jasper and has many wonderful healing properties, grounding being one of them. Hematite is an excellent choice for grounding. It has a protective, calming energy that draws negativity from us, leaving us feeling secure and grounded.

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