Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Wounded Healer

Unless you’ve experienced a devastating event in your life its hard to relate to deep emotional or physical pain. You have to lose someone dear to you to understand heartbreaking loss. You have to fight your way back from a life threatening illness to understand the will to live, and unless we live everyday with a chronic illness, we can imagine what it’s like, we don’t fully get it. Wounded Healer came for us today to tell us two things. Her first message is that we are all broken in some way and working to heal. It is through the pain of our wounds that we learn compassion, empathy and strength. These qualities make us the perfect person to minister to the hurting. A heartfelt word of encouragement to someone who is suffering from a loss or an illness can go a long way to lift them up and give them the strength to keep working through their pain and darkness. The second message for us today is that whatever we are dealing with in our lives today is being resolved and is becoming a part of our past. Keep doing the work and know that the past doesn’t need to bleed into our present or our future. Lock that door and loose the key.

Today’s Universal Number

With the energy of the one around us today we may have the desire to get going and attack our lists and get as much accomplished as we can today. We might have a new project in mind or an idea for an existing one. Well, let’s get going but remember that the one energy is very bold and quite often speaks with thinking first. Be mindful today of those around. How we interact can make all the difference for everyone.

Today’s Crystals

The crystal choice was a  most difficult decision today. Just like every plant that grows has healing capabilities, every stone and crystal does as well. I couldn’t fit all my crystals into the picture but I did choose more than usual. Working left to right we have Clear Quartz. This power house clears negativity and brings light to us. It can also be programmed for any purpose we might need. Citrine is next and being a member of the quartz family, it holds those qualities. In addition it brings in joy and creativity. Turquoise is next and this gem is a master healer, it’s calming, encourages goodness, friendship and is protective as well. Jade is the final choice today and this crystal brings us wisdom and peace.

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