Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The best leaders are not the ones that stand over us demanding respect and belittling us for whatever they think we are doing wrong. A good leader commands respect not by insisting on it but by their willingness to serve. To guide the team and teach by example. A good leader is willing to make a stand when it is necessary to do so. The Elder card came for us today and he is here to tell us that today we may need to be the one to stand and take the lead. Whether it is making a stand for something we want for our lives, a cause we believe in or a work issue that need to be handled. Don’t be afraid to make that stand today. Step out of the shadows today, even if we are normally the person that would rather be the quiet one in the background supporting the team. If it’s something we feel strongly about, step out and make your case, it could make all the difference. Not just to us but to many others as well.

Today’s Universal Number

I know I’ve said it before but I love the synchronicity of the universal day to the cards that come up. Today’s four energy is perfect. The four energy is strong and organized, like a good leader. There is we need it, standing by if we don’t.

Today’s Crystals

For leadership I chose Lapis Lazuli and Citrine today. A good leader needs a  strong, confident presence and Citrine will help with that. He or she will also need an inspiring voice that shows confidence, knowledge and trust. Lapis Lazuli will help with those qualities.

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