Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Flowing River

Things change, it’s inevitable and all we can do is accept it. Life goes so much easier when we don’t fight the changes it brings to us. People sometimes get so comfortable that when changes come they fight with everything they have to avoid a change in their life. Some things of course require a certain amount of resistance, but when we fight an opportunity for personal growth we do ourselves no favors. Flowing River chose us today to tell us to let go. Find the reasons for our resistance and work through them. When we do this we will discover that everything falls easily into place because we are no longer pushing to move faster or fighting against the current of our lives. If we find ourselves resisting change today ask what it is that we are afraid of and why. Do we not feel prepared for this step? Are we afraid of rejection or failure? When we process the feelings and work through them we will find that trusting the flow will take us where we want to be at the perfect time.

Today’s Universal Number    

The universal energy is five today and we may find ourselves having to make a decision we didn’t necessarily want to. Five teaches us to be flexible and adapt to change. If handled well the five energy can move us forward quickly. It is also a number that enjoys having a good time. so let’s work through what we must today so we can have some fun later!

Today’s Crystals

I chose two crystals today that help people work through change. The first is Rhodonite this is a pretty pink crystal that will help us stay centered and be what we are meant to be. My second choice for today is Rutilated Quartz because it helps us let go and find the root of a problem.

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