Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Wounded Healer

It is, unfortunately, not possible to ever forget the emotional cuts and bruises we acquire along life’s journey. As deep and painful as some of them are for us, they teach us the most valuable lessons. Indigenous cultures believe that it is the most wounded of souls that make the best healers because they have survived profound pain. Wounded Healer came to let us know that a past hurt may find its way into our conscious mind today. Just when we thought we were done working through the pain of an emotional wound, today a friend, coworker or even a stranger we meet may say something that will open it up again. Know that this pain is being healed as we work through it. In time the pain is replaced with memories and stories we tell. Remember it is our brokeness that teaches us love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. The world coud use a little more of these right now.

Today’s Universal Number

The cycle begins again with a one energy today. We are focused and ready to get to the work to be done. Whatever it is, let’s get to it!

Today’s Crystals 

The most obvious choices today were Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Working through any pain requires us to do the work and this takes self love. Amethyst may seem like an odd choice but it works with our crown chakra to open us up and find the source and work with it. Amethyst also has a calming aspect that helps us deal with pain. Both of these crystals are members of the Quartz family and will help clear the darkness from our aura and chakras to bring in light that will help us heal.

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