Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The time will come when we are (older than we are now) surrounded be nieces, nephews and maybe even grandchildren asking us to tell them stories from when we were young. What stories will we tell to amaze and inspire them? That depends on the decisions we make now doesn’t it? When we look back on our lives do we want to see our younger selves taking chances and following our dreams or taking the safe road and following someone elses? We have the opportunity everyday to be the storyteller of our own lives. The card Storyteller came to tell us that we alone are the dreamer and the doer that makes the decision to begin an amazing new story or not. The beautiful thing is, it’s never too late, we are never too old to begin a new story. Make today’s a fabulous one my friends!

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy we have today is the three and it’s perfect. Three is full of vitality, energy and the creativity to help us write any story we wish.

Today’s Crystal 

The first crystal that came to mind when this card chose us was Labradorite. This is a crystal of transformation, serendipity and magick. It’s an absolutely stunning crystal. The layers of shimmering color can take you to your dreams.

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