Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Don’t you love the movies and television shows where everyone knows something unexpected and probably bad is going to happen as the main character walks hesitantly down a dark hallway. You talk to the screen, cover your eyes and tell the person “Nooo don’t go there!” Trickster came to tell us that we may have that same feeling today, that something is not quite what it appears to be. I don’t think we have to worry about ax murderers or anything but the message to follow our intuition and be cautious is present. Don’t make any decisions without verifying all the details are in order first. We don’t want any nasty surprises interrupting what could be a perfectly wonderful day.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is that of the master number 22/4. The high energy of master builder encourages us to make sure we have a solid foundation to work with today.

Today’s Crystals

Since we want to be sure we have all the details today I chose Clear Flourite and Citrine. Both help us to find clarity in what might be a confusing situation. Once we see all the details we will be able to make the correct decisions.

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