Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Vision Quest

At some point in everyone’s life we are left wondering; what do I do now? Anything from the refrigerator breaking down, car problems, job issues or major life decisions can find us at a loss for what to do next. Well my friends, just a little heads up, Vision Quest came to let us know today may be one of those days. After a bit of ranting smaller issues can be handled by buying a few bags of ice and calling a repairman. That leaves the bigger life issues. We certainly don’t want to rush into a decision that we will regret later, so find a quiet place to think today. Leave the cell phone and other distractions behind, get out in nature if you can and consider all the options related to the decision that must be made. What are the good things about the possibility before us, what is the down side? Watch for signs guiding us to the right decision and listen to your intuition.

Today’s Universal Number

With big decisions that must be made there are many things and people to be considered. That is what makes them big decisions. Today’s six energy will help with this, as the six teaches us to consider the well being of others.

Today’s Crystals

It was another difficult crystal decision this morning. I generally spend an hour deciding which crystal would be the best choice to accompany the card of the day. I thought maybe Amethyst and Flourite as these are good for decision making but I settled on Rutilated and Tourmilated Quartz. They are perhaps not something that would come to mind for this type of situation but they work. Tourmilated Quartz helps us clear the clutter from our minds so that our focus is where it needs to be. Rutilated quartz opens our intuition and helps us get guidance from our higher self and spirit guides.

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