Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Medicine Woman/Medicine Man

When serious issues come up we tend to let our minds go to the worst possible outcome. Most of us are just wired like that. We do our best to think and stay positive but when things go wrong we struggle. We know that we shouldn’t let fear get the best of us. We know that thoughts become things so the last thing we need is to be manifesting more to worry about. Take heart, Medicine Woman/Medicine Man came to let us know that a situation we have been worrying about is healing. We can relax, breathe and be confident that everything is going to be alright. As for the letting our minds go to the worst outcome, we can work on that. Invoking the violet flame helps!

Today’s Universal Number 

With today’s universal energy of seven we can gain the insight and wisdom we need to resolve an issue that has been troubling us.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Clear Quartz and Amethyst today to clear negativity, calm us and give us an understanding of what is going on and how to fix it.

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