Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Spirit Keeper of the South

The south is the direction that gives us passion, movement, expansion and abundance. Our card came to let us know that we should be prepared. Things could change quickly and favorably for us today. This change can bring us the new opportunities and abundance that we have been manifesting. Be open to this energy and go with the flow. Today is our day to shine, so be confidant, smile and enjoy the moment!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is an eight day and it is full of strength and abundance. It’s a wonderful energy to accompany today’s card. The eight helps us get organized and when combined with the energy of our card we can do just about anything today. Bring it on!

Today’s Crystals

We have green ray energy today so I chose Moldavite and Prehnite to accompany our card today. Moldavite is a crystal that will bring more synchronistic opportunity to us and prehnite will help us be ready and use these moments well.

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