Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Sweat Lodge

Why do we hold onto things that hurt or hold us back? We don’t want or need whatever the thing is, but we don’t let go either. Are we so comfortable wrapped in the negative emotional clutter of our situation that the thought of being free is a deal breaker? Sweat Lodge chose us and brings a message to let go of anything unnecessary that we are hanging onto today. Maybe something will happen that upsets us and we can’t let that disappointment go. Or we’re holding a grudge because someone pissed us off. On the physical level, could our homes use a good spring cleaning? Clearing out the emotional and physical clutter today can free up so much good energy and clear our minds and hearts. Holding on holds us back. We don’t need that!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a one energy today to help us let go and move forward. The number one is driven and focused. Hanging onto anything not needed is not something that a one energy would find practical. If it doesn’t help you grow, it’s got to go.

Today’s Crystals

I decided on Selenite and Aquamarine for today. Selenite is an amazing crystal to work with. I say this about all of them, but it’s true. Along with its other qualities, selenite will remove energy blocks and negativity which will help us see more clearly. Aquamarine has a lovely gentle energy that helps us let go of those things that no longer serve our highest good.

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