Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Good Morning! The card that came for us today is Harmony. This is all about relationships and is letting us know that a union is taking place or is about to manifest. It may be in a relationship, a business opportunity or a project we are thinking of beginning. Our card is telling us that we may have to make a decision today. Is this potential relationship what I want or need right now? Is it for my highest good? Whether we like it or not, every relationship is a reflection of ourselves. So as we look in the mirror back at ourselves, take a moment and see areas of our lives that may very well need change. Could it be our attitude, how we are treating others? Everything is a learning experience, but the trick is to see it as a learning experience and not get all bent out of shape.     

Today’s Universal Number

It is interesting that today’s energy is three and we have a six card. Three brings us into triadic union. It is the beginning of the path of love, and is a wonderful energy to help us through our day.

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