Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like being in control as much as possible of their lives, families and jobs. Being in control is good but taking Authority for one’s life is another thing entirely. Owning our power is not something everyone is comfortable doing and this is the message of today’s card. Our lives and everything associated with it is under our control. Nobody has the right to pressure us to do what we do not feel is the right thing. Our jobs are a different animal of course, and must be handled carefully but be mindful of what goes on around you in your personal and work life today. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t be afraid to step in and say “Wait a minute” This will open up the opportunity to talk about the issue, get some clarity and maybe find another way to go.

Today’s Universal Number 

The five energy is movement and action. On a five day anything can, and usually does happen without much warning. Be prepared to be flexible today. This energy is also likes to have fun, so don’t forget to have some.

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading!
BJ is a private person so if you would like to contact him
for a personal reading let me know and I will put you in touch.