Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Vision Quest

The Vision Quest card has come up often for us, most recently on the 18th of this month. We may not have any big or life altering questions on our minds today but there could be something we have been giving some serious thought. Our card reminds us that we are being guided and asks us to seek our truth. Spend some time away from the noise of life and listen for the answer. They are there, in the quiet waiting for us to find them.

Today’s Universal Number

We have the master number 33/6 energy today. It’s an interesting energy to accompany our card, but it does work. The number teaches us self love, joy, triadic union, and creativity. Reduced the 33 gives us a six, which takes love up a notch and teaches us to love and care for our family friends and others we come into contact with. This loving energy will guides us to whatever answers we are seeking today.

Today’s Crystals 

When I was deciding which crystals to use today my guides pointed me to my pendulums. I thought it was not guidance and kept on deciding what to use and pendulums came up again so I listened and chose two. There are several crystal that work well for skrying, I have Amethyst and Clear Quartz here. These work well because they clear negative energy and help open our psychic abilities.

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