Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Spirit Keeper of the East

For most people Mercury Retrograde may be frustrating but not a severe event, it’s a time to go within and clear out unwanted baggage. This one however felt like treading water in quicksand. We have a few more days to go under the retrograde but the new moon in Taurus a couple of days ago brought in some positive energy making everything feel new. The card that came to us today is Spirit Keeper of the East and her message is that we have a clean slate before us. With the lighter energy and our mood more positive we can release what doesn’t help us and look without fear at new possibilities today. Final decisions may not need to be made about big changes, so relax, do the research and think about it. Talk it over with someone you trust before any final decisions are made.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is seven and it’s energy will come in handy. Seven is curious, a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. It’s always looking for the new way, the new idea. Perfect.

Today’s Crystals 

For a new beginning opening up, I chose two crystals to help. Amazonite is the first and this blue – blue green beauty is wonderful for helping make positive life changes. The second crystal I chose is Moonstone. This crystal helps us access our intuition and reorganize our lives.

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