Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Spirit Keeper of the West

Chaos is an interesting period to be in. There can be so much happening at once that we might not fully understand what is going on, leaving us tired, frustrated and confused. What to us may seem random acts of confusion isn’t though. There is nothing random in the universe, every beginning eventually turns to the chaos of transformation so that a new beginning can emerge from the fire. Spirit Keeper of the West came to tell us that today we might be experiencing some bedlam. This state of confusion in our lives is like a flashing yellow traffic light instructing us to slow down and pay attention. It may be an emotional day, we have some learning and growing moments ahead but out of the chaos will come something new.

Today’s Universal Number

We are at a nine day again. Where does time go? Today’s nine energy will come in handy though as we move through the transformative day ahead. Finish up those things that need to be completed, let go of what no longer serves your highest good. Recognise and acknowledge the lessons learned in recent days and get ready for what is coming next.

Today’s Crystals

For transformation two excellent choices are Labradorite and Moldavite. Both bring change. Moldavite is an extremely high energy crystal that brings very rapid change. It’s high energy makes it not a crystal for everyone and it’s quite expensive as it is in short supply. Labradorite is also a high energy piece but not as much as moldavite but working with it will bring about much needed movement in your life.

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